OPC-server for MODBUS RTU

MODBUS RTU protocol is used in many devices from simple modules input / output to full - controllers. OPC-server provides the ability to connect devices that support the protocol MODBUS RTU, to any software product developed in accordance with specification OPC DA, including SCADA KRUG 2000 ™ . Information sharing can be achieved with such devices as the Program Logic Control, Communication with the object and other devices from various manufacturers.

Key features:

  • Provides information exchange with devices that support MODBUS RTU
  • supports physical interfaces RS-232/485
  • Provides data collection and management of several physical channels simultaneously
  • Provides data collection and management devices to 255 devices on one channel
  • Setting the parameters of the OPC-server implemented in a configuration
  • Provides ongoing monitoring of conditions and parameters of devices in a configuration OPC-server
  • supported by converting data types
  • supported by the data to the scale.

System requirements:

  • processor Pentium II - 233 MHz or higher
  • RAM - 128 MB
  • amount of free hard disk space 3 MB
  • Availability serial RS-232/485
  • Operating system: Windows NT4.0/2000/XP

OPC-server is a trial version to reach full employment within 30 days.

An evaluation version can be downloaded here.



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